Mission and Vision


The primary mission of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy is to provide technical elements, information and technical assistance to offer navigational safety in fluvial and lacustrine areas, internal waters, territorial waters, and in the high seas adjacent to the Chilean littoral.

Likewise, it represents the official, technical and permanent service of the State, regarding all that has to do with hydrography; maritime, fluvial and lacustrine hydrographic survey, nautical cartography, production and publication of navigational charts of national waters, oceanography, planning and coordination of all national oceanographic activities related to physical-chemical researches, tides, currents and tidal waves, nautical geography, navigation, astronomy, official time signal and aerophotogrametry applied to the nautical chart.

It is also responsibility of SHOA, to contribute through research to the development and promotion of other related national and international activities of interest to the country.

Our Vision

"To constitute a hydrographic and oceanographic service that is effective, efficient, professional, and modern, of great prestige and reliability at an institutional, national and international level, providing complete satisfaction to different users and contributing to national and international development".