Electronic Nautical Charts ENC


The Electronic Nautical Chart (ENC) is a standardized database in its structure, content and format (S-57 of IHO), made or authorized by a governmental hydrographic office associated to IHO. ENC must contain all the information of a traditional nautical chart needed for safe navigation, and also must be complemented with additional information obtained from Sailing Directions, List of Lights, Radio aids and all the necessary in order to offer greater safety to navigation.
Sale of Electronic Nautical Cartography is made using encrypted cells, according to "IHO Data Protection Scheme" S-63 standard, oriented to data protection contained within an ENC. for this reason is necessary to have an ENC (ECDIS or ECS) navigation system that will enable electronic cartography protected by IHO S-63 standard to be displayed. As a sale requirement, the client must properly identify the navigation system to be used, for the purpose of providing the corresponding user permits and update for one year period.

Download Update CNE

Cell updates are made known through the Bulletin of Notices to Mariners and are available on SHOA webpage for free download by users ( ). ENC distribution system is by "sale unit", consisting of units of one or more cells with an identification code. These may be purchased through www.shoa.cl web site, electronic commerce section; by e-mail or through its network of consignors available in the country.

ENC Identification

Chilean ENCs (or cells), must be named, as a rule, with eight characters according to the following detail:
CL 5 VA 015. 000
CL: Código internacional del productor de la CNE.
5: Digit that corresponds to the purpose of navigation, according to the scale. It may vary from 1 to 6 where:
  • 1: Overview or planning
  • 2: General or oceanic
  • 3: Coastal
  • 4: Of approximation
  • 5: Of port
  • 6: Of mooring
VA: Location Geographic reference for the case of Chilean cells. Abbreviations correspond to:
  • TR: Quartern of Tarapacá
  • AN: Quartern of Antofagasta
  • AT: Quartern of Atacama
  • CO: Quartern of Coquimbo
  • VA: Quartern of Valparaíso
  • BB: Quartern of Bío-Bío
  • LL: Quartern of Los Lagos
  • AI: Quartern of Aysén
  • MA: Quartern of Magallanes
015: Complementary number for cell name.
000: Edition or update number. (This example corresponds to the ENC of port of Valparaíso, equivalent to paper chart SHOA N°5111)


The use of this cartography on board a vessel, is subjected to all of the regulation the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has defined for this purpose in Chapter V of SOLAS 1974 agreement, amended on December 5 of 2000, by MSC 99 (73) resolution, that came into force internationally on July 1st of 2002. In Chile, the Maritime Authority with the responsibility to ensure the observance of such agreement is the Directorate General of Maritime Territory and National Merchant Marine (DGTM and MMN)