News Bulletin to Mariners

The nautical charts and publications are corrected at the time of their distribution, but they are affected by some changes in their information if there are off-site buoys, lighthouses with their lights out, new probes, changes in the port structures, etc. From that moment on, the owners and users of the nautical charts and publications are responsible for adding information and editing them according to new developments informed by the SHOA in the “Bulletin News for Navigators”. This publication is issued on a monthly bases and it has all the hydrographic information and news up to the issuing date.

In the following charts you will find the information of the edited Bulletins, the published Notices that affect a specific chart or publication:

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The Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy was created in 1874, and it became the first national cartographic organism; the first created in Latin America and number 12 in the world. The notices to navigators started that same year, through the Hydrographic News Bulletin.

After some years, the Hydrographic Service has implemented new methodologies in its constant concern for the navigators on board to have all the available information that will allow them to move safely whenever they are navigating, with their updated charts and publications. Nowadays, the Service provides nautical charts and publications, updated to the day of delivery or acquisition at the Sales Agency, to national and/or foreign warships, commercial vessels, fishing vessels and sport boats.